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Market Essentials – June 2019

 In news this month, we begin to see the property market through a post-election lens. SQM Research chief executive Louis Christopher says there has been a confidence boost to forecasts thanks to three factors: the Coalition’s election victory, a Reserve Bank...

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5 reasons why first home buyers are back in the game

Remember all the ‘smashed avocado’ media reports about how difficult it is for first home buyers to get into the market? Well now there’s good news! In recent months, we’ve seen a surge in first-home buyer activity in the property market. Here’s our take on why...

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Market Essentials – May 2019

In news this month, discussion continues to circulate about the upcoming election and the effect that policy changes could have on the property market. According to Nerida Conisbee, chief economist of REA Group, modelling by independent consultants and both sides of...

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Election outcomes and negative gearing

With the Federal Election to be held in May, property investors have to start thinking about the possible change in negative gearing policy and what future dynamics may play out if the Labour party get into power as expected. If, as expected, negative gearing will...

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What does a ‘buyer’s market’ mean for you?

Some property market analysts are predicting average national home values could fall by 11 per cent in 2019 – and say home values in some suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney have already fallen by more than 10 per cent since they reached their peak in late 2017. Whilst...

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Market Essentials – April 2019

 In news this month, tighter credit conditions are still having a broad dampening effect on buyer activity. This isn’t just with investors, there has also been a considerable decline nationally in owner-occupier lending, according to CoreLogic. Despite mortgage...

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