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Loan deferrals and getting your loan back on track

When COVID-19 struck, banks gave eligible customers an option to pause their repayments for six months from March, due to the volatile economic climate. Hundreds of thousands of Aussies took up the offer. Home loan deferrals were due to end in September, but banks...

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Market Essentials – October 2020

Despite phase one of the Federal Government’s Covid-19 stimulus coming to an end this month, there’s been a positive turn in housing market sentiment. Consumer confidence has increased, and according to Core Logic, new listings rose, with six of the eight capital...

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October webinar series

Look out for our upcoming October 2020 webinar series. Make sure you register for each individual webinar you wish to attend. Wealth Management webinar with Cane Financial and Citi’s expert team AND Opportunities for first home buyers.

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Need a business loan?

Running a business is tough, especially during COVID-19. You are needing to juggle priorities and become an expert in fields you never realised you would need, just to keep the lights on. When it comes to financing that business – we have got you covered. You focus on...

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Should I buy before I’ve sold my home?

When buying a second property with the intention to sell your current home, there are a few options available. And depending on your current financial situation, interest rates and the housing market, that decision can be made for you. Regardless though, you’ll want...

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Market Essentials – September 2020

With the economy weakening this month, and Treasurer Frydenberg forecasting an increase in unemployment and continued economic slowdown, house prices have remained resilient for the most part. Over the three months to August, Core Logic reports that Sydney, Melbourne...

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