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Need a business loan?

Running a business is tough, especially during COVID-19. You are needing to juggle priorities and become an expert in fields you never realised you would need, just to keep the lights on. When it comes to financing that business – we have got you covered. You focus on...

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Should I buy before I’ve sold my home?

When buying a second property with the intention to sell your current home, there are a few options available. And depending on your current financial situation, interest rates and the housing market, that decision can be made for you. Regardless though, you’ll want...

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Market Essentials – September 2020

With the economy weakening this month, and Treasurer Frydenberg forecasting an increase in unemployment and continued economic slowdown, house prices have remained resilient for the most part. Over the three months to August, Core Logic reports that Sydney, Melbourne...

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Market Essentials – August 2020

This month the Federal Government announced the extension of the JobKeeper program for a further six months, along with the JobSeeker supplement also being extended. Combined with extensions to the ‘mortgage holiday’ on repayments, many Australians will be breathing a...

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Why you need a pre-purchase building inspection

You’ve just walked out of the perfect home. It has a gorgeous shade of paint, the scent of jasmine and even a nook to read in the sun. You’re already planning BBQs with your new neighbours. Slow down! There’s more to a great property than elegant light fittings. When...

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Property Market post COVID-19

Perhaps the biggest question on many of our minds today is what Australia could look like post COVID-19. There are a number of options although they appear to become more complex every day. One is a recovery back to the way things were, perhaps optimistic, but not impossible.

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