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Market Essentials – April 2021

The Australian property market is booming. Prices returned to record highs in January, and February saw the sharpest monthly increase in house prices since August 2003. Primarily due to record-low interest rates, a strong economy and high buyer demand against very low...

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Reasons why now could be the right time to refinance

Here are five solid reasons why it should be high on your priority list 1. You can (most likely). You might not even be aware you could do it. But since many home loans are refinanced with the intention to save money, the timing could be better than ever. However any...

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Market Essentials – March 2021

In March, the supercharged real estate market sees prices continuing to surge in regional centres and major cities. Record low volumes in all major centres, low-interest rates and wages growth, falling unemployment and growing confidence have led to the perfect...

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Market Essentials – February 2021

As we enter 2021, the real estate sector, predicted to crash and burn in 2020, is stronger than ever. Despite the ‘mortgage-holiday’ expiring in March 2021, experts predict that demand will remain at elevated levels, with more investors expected to return to the market.

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Market Essentials – December 2020

On December 1, 2020, with almost all state borders reopening, the real estate rebound is expected to continue. While experts predicted doom and gloom for the market throughout this unprecedented year, it seems that nothing can stop the real estate juggernaut as 2020 draws to a close.

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How the Budget is helping the property market move again

The 2020 Federal Budget announced a range of economic measures to help support individuals and businesses through the COVID-19 downturn. It also includes some initiatives that could be helpful if you want to buy your first home, build a granny flat or put money aside...

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Market Essentials – November 2020

The September quarter saw auction volumes increase across all capital cities. Auction clearance rates also increased, and this trend has continued into October. According to the RBA in its latest financial stability review, October was the month where most mortgage deferrals were due to expire. by the RBA may help bring relief to some borrowers as rates continue to fall to all time lows.

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