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You rely on your mates to give you straight-up advice – no beating round the bush. When it comes to providing financial solutions, we cut to the chase and give you the upfront advice that’s in your best interests. We’ve got the know-how and we’ll be behind you every step of the way, making sure you’re always on track.

We listen. We get to know you. We then go and do all the hard work on your behalf.  We’ll hand pick the lender options, terms and payment plan to fit your life and goals. Further, as or when your circumstances change, we’ll be here to provide recommendations and support you through those transitions.

We’re here for the long haul. Whatever your lending needs – as your best friend in finance, we’ll make sure we help you to make the right decision.

Owner Occupied Loans

Know you want to live in your next property? You want to be satisfied that you have the best deal, so you can focus your energy on finding your future home. We’ll trawl through the seemingly never-ending list of loan options for you and we’ll get you the right owner occupied loan.

Investment Loans

Investment loans are a little more expensive than owner occupied loans and we understand you don’t want to spend more than you need. Our team are masters at locking on to what’s important to you and getting that perfect fit.

First Home Buyer Loans

Purchasing your first home is stressful enough. Add on to that the pressure of rifling through lenders, options and jargon filled terms and conditions designed to disarm and confuse. We’re here to relieve that pressure. We’ll focus on the technical side of things, while you focus on choosing your perfect first home.


Feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions financially? Are your financial obligations overwhelming you? Don’t panic, we’ve got your back. We’ll help simplify your repayments with a customised refinancing option that suits your lifestyle.

Not getting value for money?

We’ll get you back on track.

Self-Managed Super Fund Loans

Self-Managed Super Fund Loans can be a clever long-term investment in your future. When we sit down with you, we will get to know you, your story and your financial goals. We’ll do the hard yards and find the right choice for you.

Business Loans

Running a business is tough. You’re constantly juggling priorities and busy becoming an expert in fields you never realised you’d need, just to keep the lights on. When it comes to financing that business – we’ve got you covered. You focus on progressing your business, we’ll get you there financially. Apply for a business loan with CANE Financial powered by Valiant

Equipment and Car Leasing

Leasing a new car or piece of equipment should be straightforward. Yet, the industry is chock-full of confusing choices, conditions and institutions ready to take your funds without understanding your intentions. We care about your success. We will help you lease what you want when you want it.

Short-term (bridging) Loans

Found your perfect new home, but haven’t managed to sell yet? Perhaps you need a short-term financial solution to help your long game. Don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers. We’ll help you secure a short-term loan to bridge that gap and get you your dream home that little bit quicker.

Confused or out of time?

We can help.

Empowering you through education

“We provide education, strategies and expert advice to enable people to feel confident and at ease when making financial decisions” Craig Forman

We’ve got more than 100 years combined experience in the industry. It’s safe to say we’re in the know when it comes to finance. We won’t bore you with complicated jargon filled terminology or foreign terms.  We turn complex financial concepts into easy to understand, bite sized tips and ideas to make you confident with your loan choices.