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Market Essentials – September 2019

 Spring is here, a time of year when the real estate market traditionally heats up along with the weather.  Two interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank during the winter months seem to be having an effect on the market already. CoreLogic data shows that...

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Rentvesting – what you need to know

Rentvesting has become increasingly popular in recent times. What is Rentvesting Rentvesting is where you rent where you want to live and buy where you can afford. Simple.  To rent or buy? If you’re wondering whether it’s cheaper to rent or buy, the answer...

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Now is the time to review your home loan

Here are four signs you may be overdue for a check-up. You’ve been with the same lender forever Interest rates are at historic lows and competition between lenders is high. That means there are plenty of red hot deals out there, particularly given the recent cash rate...

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Market Essentials – August 2019

According to a just released report from ANZ and Core Logic, Australia’s housing affordability is the best it’s been since 2016, helped by recent falls in property values in the Sydney and Melbourne markets. Sydney property prices have recorded the most significant...

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Power of Property

Empowering You With The Knowledge To Make The Right Investment Decisions One Common Goal 10 Industry Specialists Craig Forman: Mortgage Broker Craig Boss: Insurance ConsultantPeter Economos: Chartered Accountant Michael Sik: Financial AdviserGareth Woodham: Property...

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How your living expenses affect your borrowing power

You may be surprised to discover that how much you spend on day-to-day living can considerably reduce the amount you are eligible to borrow, even if you are a high-income earner. Why do living expenses matter? Under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP),...

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