Guest contributor, Australian Interior Designer, Camilla Ingall, UNFOLDED

When it comes to interior design, there are seven key elements that must be considered. These elements are space, form, line, light, colour, pattern and texture. Each plays a crucial role in creating a balanced and well-rounded space.

Australian Interior Designer Camilla Ingall from UNFOLDED shares tips on adopting the seven elements of interior design.


Ample thoroughfares, proportional furnishings and room to move.


A deliberate configuration of finishes, textures and colour.


A harmonious balance between vertical and horizontal lines, creating an inviting entrance in this instance.


An abundance of natural sky light, zoned fitted lights and windows to achieve a warm and homely environment.


Injecting colour into your space creates personality, character and a bold confidence. 


The right pattern can enhance the elements in a space, adding visual interest and rhythm.


A multi- sensory experience, influencing how a space looks but also how it feels and sounds.

We hope to have inspired you to create a considered and balanced approach to your upcoming design.

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