by Studio Gaxa Founder and Director Katherine (Kat) Koulizakis

In the pursuit of elevating your living space, our studios philosophy of “Value by Design” emerges as a cornerstone, emphasising the strategic integration of design elements and layout enhancements to unlock your home’s maximum potential. Before commencing any renovation or construction project, a thorough understanding of key factors such as demographics, site orientation, bedroom sizes, and the intended use of the space is paramount.

Crafting a comprehensive design brief serves as the master plan for your project, preventing it from spiralling out of control. Adhering to a clear scope of work and design intent, while opting for cost-effective yet durable materials, forms the foundation of a successful home improvement journey.

Setting a realistic budget is a crucial step, and consulting with financial experts, such as our partners at CANE Financial, can help understand your borrowing capacity and determine whether an equity drawdown or construction loan is viable. These preparatory steps are essential precursors to any home modifications. Setting a budget and sticking to it is a whole other topic we can discuss at another time.

Contrary to the belief that bigger is always better, we advocate for quality over quantity, prioritising thoughtful designs that bring meaningful changes to the daily lives of inhabitants while keeping a keen eye on return on investment. As mortgage rates stabilise to post-pandemic rates, homeowners shift their focus from grandiose projects to smaller, impactful changes.

Amidst this trend, we’ve observed a surge in single-story home transformations, accompanied by pool and alfresco additions. This shift reflects a growing emphasis on enhancing lifestyle elements, aligning with the changing needs and preferences of homeowners who seek to extract maximum value from their living spaces.

For those seeking to connect, STUDIO GAXA extends an invitation to schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session. Additionally, CANE Financial clients can avail of a 30 per cent discount on in-home design consultations. Book your session and unlock exclusive benefits! Please email Craig for an introduction.