Strategic partners Highspec Properties’ Amanda Gould outlines the benefits of using a Buyers Agent when buying a property

1. Saving Time

Most buyers take 6-10 months to secure their property investment. As professional buyer’s agents we spend an average of 20 hours per week, researching, investigating and shortlisting opportunities for each client, most people don’t have that kind of time to spend on their property search. Our industry connections allow us to uncover off-market properties that our clients would otherwise not know were available. Having a buyer’s agent on the client’s side saves time, which in turn alleviates stress. Our average turn-around time for an owner-occupier is 3-20 weeks, and for an investor, 1-8 weeks.

2. Negotiation

Paramount to any real-estate negotiation is knowing the value of the property. With over 30 years of property experience, the team at HighSpec Properties has a solid foundation when it comes to property valuation, and we bring an expert level of negotiation skills to the table for each client.

3. Off-Market

Every year, an average of 40% of properties in Sydney are sold off-market. HighSpec Properties have a huge database of off-market properties across Sydney & Byron Bay. Last year 31% of properties purchased for our clients were off-market. Gaining access to off-market properties is a privilege extended to us due to our years of developing industry connections across NSW. Having this access means we can match our clients with a range of properties that never hit the open market.

4. Experience

By utilising a buyer’s agent as a proxy, you can access their expertise and experience. Statistically, people who purchase property will buy one, possibly two homes in their lifetime. Of the 2 million investors in Australia, 20% own one rental property, and 1% own more than three rental properties. This means that the average buyer will negotiate the purchase of a property once or twice in their lifetime. At Highspec Properties we have over three decades of property experience including the negotiation of multiple properties every month. We are immersed in property daily and have systems in place to approach every client’s property search holistically, leaving no stone unturned.

5. Local Knowledge

At HighSpec Properties, our buyer’s agents have expert local knowledge in their suburbs and regions. This means we can cover a wider range of options for our clients in a shorter time than our clients would on their own. We have all of New South Wales covered!

6. Less Stress

Purchasing a property and moving is listed in the top five most stressful life events. At HighSpec Properties, our team is working not only to find your next home or investment but to make sure there is less stress during the process. We do the searching, reviews of the building including, pest and strata reports, and check any surrounding development applications that may impact the property. Finally, we negotiate the best price and terms. During our search, we shield you from the white noise of the property market. Our clients only view properties that have been through a rigorous vetting process and are always accompanied by the HighSpec Properties agent working with them to achieve their property goal. For our clients wanting to renovate, we have extensive industry relationships and are happy to connect our clients with the right builder for their project.

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