The Australian property market is booming. Prices returned to record highs in January, and February saw the sharpest monthly increase in house prices since August 2003. Primarily due to record-low interest rates, a strong economy and high buyer demand against very low stock volumes. Analysts are still scratching their heads and wondering where it will all end.

Despite continued market growth however, there are concerns that with the Federal Government stimulus measures expiring at the end of March, the boom may be interrupted. Just what impact the end of JobKeeper, mortgage holidays, and the HomeBuilder grants will have remains to be seen.

Still, with house prices continuing to rise, investors returning to the market and banks lending more easily, the overall impact is likely to be minimal.

A Westpac survey released this week has revealed that 27 per cent of Aussies want to live somewhere regional; about a third of those are currently living in a capital city.

Household wealth has hit a new record high. The ABS has reported that the December 2020 quarter’s growth was driven by rising residential property prices, record-low interest rates, and Government support. Household debt fell 2.5 per cent in 2020, the most significant fall since 1990.

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