As an interior designer I get this question all the time. I would love to tell you that you require one on every project but it actually comes down to you. It is a very personal experience and depending on the project an interior designer may be a perfect fit to achieve your dream outcome.

As a small guide I will try and explain what an interior designer does and how they will help benefit your project.

Interior designers are experts. They spend about 3 years studying interior architecture or interior spatial, structural and materials elements of built environments. They have a comprehensive understanding of design concepts, fabrics, colours, patterns and trends, as well as where to go for the best products.

They are taught to analyse all the potential modifications of the interior space, rather than just the material finishes or furnishings.

An interior designer is usually someone who is already creative, good with visual style, aesthetics and visual communication. Those skills enable them to understand the relationship between interior space and those that occupy it.

Some reasons for hiring an interior designer:


Even though you will have the designers fees you will save money on expensive mistakes, mistakes that occur without having an experience and knowledge of someone who consistently works in the building industry. An experienced designer is going to know how to get the best value out of what you can spend. They are used to working with budgets and they will help you understand where every dollar is going.


A designer already has a trained sense of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. They are trained to come up with solutions that work, and solve the problems when they arise and even pre-empt problems occurring. They have spent thousands of hours researching and perfecting their craft, in 15 minutes they can find what would have taken you 20 hours.


A good designer knows how to talk the language when it comes to architects, contractors and building owners. This is crucial in managing time and money. Strong communication between the interior design and the lighting, furnishings, and architecture is absolutely key.


Designers already work in the building industry, so they’re going to have reliable connections that you many need. Hiring a designer will help you easily find an electrician, plumber and or a contractor that you can trust. Designers also have access to a lot of products and fabrics that is not available to the general public. With these resources, an interior designer will create a space for you that looks collected and unique.

Involve the designer as early as possible in the building process. If you’re renovating or building from scratch, include the designer at the planning stages with your architect and contractors. This way, the professionals involved will be on the same page and can iron out any potential discrepancies and improve the design even further with their expertise together.

An interior designers contribution to the project will make the internal magic happen, make your design experience inspiring and remove the layers of stress and design mistakes of doing in yourself.

Ciara Tapia